It’s been a year now since A Rusty Knoll started to do rotational grazing.We practice a regenerative farming practice working with the land to improve it as we use what it produces. Polly wire and pig tails are used to divide our pastures and the cows are moved into new paddocks as needed. This means I spend lots of time in the field with and amongst the cows.

Yesterday while walking pasture I was wondering if I could get one more day out of the paddock they were in . With the extreme heat and lack of rain we had the pastures are struggling. If you ever wondered if cows can talk, it’s a BIG yup here! Calypso #27 our lead cow made here voice very clear on needing a new paddock. As I was walking the current paddock She went over to the polly wire on the fresh new paddock side. She stands there bobbing her head wanting to cross the forbidden wire.

Our lead cow Calypso, also know as Bogart.

The next paddock was not ready for them so I scrambled to finish it up. Pigtails are place in the ground and the polly wire is stung out thru the pigtails. LOTS and LOTS of walking for me. As I had made it almost 1/4 mile away to start pulling the polly wire Calypso called the herd and they all started the up hill walk to where I could open the existing wire and they walk into the new paddock.

I got the polly wire secured on the new side,ran it down the hill a ways and went back up to the top to open up entry into the new paddock. It amazes me how fast cows can move. Even though several of the ladies are about ready to calve they can move quicker than I can thru the pasture’s. After a few minutes everyone’s in the new paddock and I continued running the polly wire to the other side of the paddock. Crazy thing is this is my life all summer long, its like groundhog day.

Moving over

My pondering point is YES cows / animals can and do talk to us if we as humans take the time to listen . Very soon we will be having little ones. Calving season is mid September thru October. Keep looking for updates!!!