Our Herd


Miss Molly #45

Good Golly Miss Molly is her full name. She is another cow from the Mount Vernon Ladies Association. The matriarch or ring leader of the herd. She is not sure she wants human contact. She will now come up and get mineral from me, we are working on her trust.

Calypso #27

Our most voluptuous. She does not wait her turn, its her turn first especially for mineral. She and her calf’s are highly intelligent and easy to work with.

Ester #24

She is timid and shy. We have been working on trust with her for several months. She will now take mineral from my bucket and with more time I want her to allow us to touch her.

Malie #1

My little heifer!!! She was our first. We got her at 7 months. She knows I offer treats when I come out with buckets and will allow me to brush her. She is a temperamental teenager now and some days she’s just not interested in what I have to offer. Our goal with the...