As we come close to the end of a long, hard, dry, miserable summer you have to wonder what makes it worth doing. All who have chosen this lifestyle from the smallest homestead to a large ranch knows the losses and endless hours but also the small accomplishments and victories. We wanted to share a win for the American Milking Devon’s.

Early 2020 the Major’s contacted A Rusty Knoll wanting to meet and get close to some American Milking Devon’s. Mr. Major had done his research and wanted to see if this breed was as touted online. Getting to know Mr. Major he was not your average homesteader, he is in fact a true cattleman working in the large production side. He has been around cattle a long time! It was intimidating for us because he was looking at things way different than we do or even a small farmer would. Our cows had been let out on pasture for the spring flush and Mr. Major was amazed that theses cows just came off of winter hay and rations, NO Grain, and were so plump and juicy. Sweet Eliza was selected and got to go to OK.

Eliza was not to be a family milk cow but she was shown in the local state fair after Mr. Major educated the powers that be of the importance of this breed and their horns were not a concern. Eliza did well at the fair and at Christmas she was included on their family Christmas card. Way to go Eliza!

Early 2023 the Major’s called again wanting to add another heifer. With this heifer I had her in a halter and had started halter breaking. Mr. Major tied her and looked her over good. She was different from Eliza. We talked co-efficacy numbers, different dams, and the sire was our more rangy bull , more conforming to the AMDs standards, so a completely different confirmation. We appreciate the knowledge Mr. Major shares with us when he visits.

Effie joined Eliza in OK and began her fair prep. The past few weeks we been getting updates from OK. Effie and her young handler Miss Major took Grand Champion Dairy Cow at their fair. Thank you for all of your time and hard work to expose this amazing breed at your local fair! Congratulations.

Mr. Major being a cattle guy ordered semen from the American Milking Devon Association and Eliza is now old enough to be breed. He can do the AI (artificial insemination) and we are excited to see her offspring. A Rusty Knoll is happy to see our young heifers grow up to be ambassadors for the AMD breed. Many thanks to the Major family for their interest and care of Eliza and Effie.

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