After the previous post the questions have now shifted to what difference does it make? Here is a video from several years ago, Dr Fahrenkrug will walk you thru what they are working on in the gene editing field. For cattle start at the 19min 30 second mark.

As we can all see we have GMO plants and animals throughout our food chain. No doubt they will be approved to feed the masses and most will never know or care. With the possibility for up to three million mutations per gene edit there will be people having adverse reactions to the changes in the final products. As a consumer I feel I have there right to know if I am purchasing a gene altered product.

Here at A Rusty Knoll we want our customers to know we are a small batch beef-ery producing a non gene altered, grass fed, grass finished beef. We do not use hormones or antibiotic’s. From birth to market the process takes us close to 3 years, double that of the standard beef process. Our animals are treated with kindness and respect. (Sherri just wishes that they ALL would allow her to brush them like a 4-H animal.) We choose to keep it simple and historic utilizing the American Milking Devon for their fine qualities,using some of the same farming practices as George Washington used at his Mt. Vernon Estate in the 1700’s.