As the temp drops and freezing rain sets in, then snow and now the extended forecast is for BITTER cold for the next 10 days. For us its time to get your boots on! The daily chores become harder and take more time. Equipment does not work like it should ts harder for you to get around too. You see the cold taking a toll on the herd.

There is an extra hustle and bustle of farm trucks hauling hay . Most of us are checking at dawn to make sure new calves are ok and after the miserable night all mouth’s are looking for extra food and energy. For the ranchrd this is done before they go to their “real job”. Water’s have to be checked and adjustments made making sure the haven’t froze. Extra hay goes down for bedding if possible. Lots of prayers sent up for the safety of the herd and those who tend to their needs thru any weather condition.

So next trip by the meat case at your local market remember the meat doesn’t just show up on a truck. Someone took the time and put a LOT of effort to make sure it gets to your table.