After raising the American Milking Devon’s for 2.5 years now our focus is evolving. At first we were taking the time to raise the steers for meat taking over 30 months to get an animal to butcher. With the heifers they are two before they can be breed so she is three before she earns you a dime. We were not expecting this to be a money making endeavor it was about preserving a breed, a cow as God intended them. No hormones’, no vaccines just slow and simple as designed from the beginning.

As more people stand in line for their petri dish burger or the wonder product of Beyond Meat we here at A Rusty Koll grow it and harvest it in a slower more natural way. With this process is the rewarding venture of preserving a critically endangered animal and increasing a diverse gene pool within the breed. As we venture along we are now selling seed stock to several other small farms and this has quickly become the highlight of our adventure. We still have beef available but seed stock to other farms is the highlight of the quest.

Recently we added the Buff Orpenton and Plymouth Rock chickens to our farm along with Aconda ducks both listed as endangered or critically endangered with the Livestock Conservancy. So if you have a little land for a four legged beast or just looking for a chicken or duck to raise check out the Livestock Conservancy for info on types and breeds in need of some help.