For us the American Milking Devon’s has not only been a lesson in ranching but in US history. We are proud and happy with the breed we choose to come along side and help them grow from being a critically endangered status. The Livestock Conservancy gave a grant to the American Milking Devon Association to help educate and bolster the breed. The association used the monies to produce this film “The American Milking Devon Past & Present ” and select bulls for seaman collection to help the diversity and breed standard. What a much needed resource!

We reached out to Dr. Steve Barton in NY to run our co-efficiency numbers on our breeding herd. This number takes how closely related or “in breed ” your animals are or could be. Dr. Barton said we had a “very good breeding program” here at A Rusty Knoll with the addition of Sweet William.

With the number of bull calves we had we are reaching out to other small farms in our area to see if our diversity could help with a new bull for their herd. We have 3 bull calves available once weened this coming spring. We also have two girls that will be breed this fall. Can’t believe Magnolia and Hyde` will be old enough to breed and offered for sale.

Watch the move the Livestock Conservancy and the American Milking Devon Association put together. Enjoy!