The last calf of the year at A Rusty Knoll arrived Monday October 28th. Good Golly Miss Molly delivered a healthy calf early in the am. Of course the new arrival came into an early freezing rain/ sleet storm. Freezing temps about a month early here in the Ozarks. She like Calypso is keeping the calf hidden but once a day I find it and make sure all is well. I have not wanted to stress it out trying figure out if its a boy or girl so time will have to bring forth that answer. Each time I find it I try to pet it and talk to it so it knows my voice and that I am not a threat. Guess Wayne will need to tag and tattoo this little one too because I don’t want to loose its trust.

In the woods with mom

Magnolia still has not been tagged or tattooed either. Wayne will need to take care of her too, I just can’t. Malie is still not producing all the milk Maggie needs so once a day I get to bottle feed her. Maggie will be a sweet tame calf just like her mother.