What sets A rusty Knoll apart from many other producers? We have taken the time to get to know our cows and their personality’s. Yes each cow has their own personality just like dogs and cats. Once you know your cows you get to understand their individual needs. Their health is paramount to produce the best beef. The interaction usually happens at the water tank. Their main water source is the same well we drink from. As the heard comes up to receive cookies and those who have discovered the joy of a good brushing we check them for health concerns daily. A new scratch, runny nose, a limp, who is ready to give birth, who should be weened… If Sherri notices them panting due to the heat they are given a natural electrolyte in the water tank.

Cattle need minerals on a regular basis just like you and I need vitamins and minerals. After shopping, reading and research we have come up with “our” mineral program. Some free choice some provided in licks with no animal by products and BIO availability on the lick. OMRI kelp is always available.

We address each cows need with natural products first. Sulfur and garlic for pest control, B for stress, hot pepper and magnesium for fescue toxicity, the list goes on and on. Our policy is if natural treatments are not knocking out the problem we treat as recommended by the vet so the animal does not suffer. To date we have had to use antibiotics, a single dose, on two different animals. That is amazing because we have assembled our herd from 5 different farms, it also speaks highly of other Devon owners.

To conclude our cows are well cared for even pampered. Attached is an article on antibiotic use in cattle. All I can say is you need to know your farmers and where your food comes from.