You can see the genetic make up of our livestock has been under transformation for a long time. Now with a tool like CRISPR no hold barred anything is possible. What has taken years to make notable changes now is one gestation period away.

A few terms defined so we are all have the same understanding:

1- Selective breeding- selection for a particular characteristic, what every farmer and rancher does trying to improve their herd, crop with the same species genetics.

2- Line breeding- The selective breeding of animals for a desired feature or trait by mating them within a closely related blood lines. Line breeding is highly regarded to maintain desired traits until it no longer works, then it’s inbreeding.

3- Gene editing- a type of genetic engineering in which DNA is inserted, deleted, modified or replaced in the genome of a living organism. Like in the video part one the golden calf- remove and splice in desired genes from the same species. (CRISPR)

4- Transgenic- taking DNA from 2 or more species to modify a species or make something new. (CRISPR)

5-GMO – genetically modified organism. Question is when does an animal become a GMO?

All of the above are currently taking place in the cattle industry. In the video human milk from a cow that is Transgenics’ even though it is not stated as such. As you go down the list do you draw a line at any of these definitions? I do.

Now that we know this is happening if you had the money or desire you could hire one of the hundreds of labs working on this to produce your custom calf’s by spring. Color, size, gender neutral, heat tolerant and with reduced emission’s… My imagination goes a bit further so lets add a touch of jelly fish so your cow is better adapted to time in the pond and the glow in the dark feature is nothing but handy!

Our goal is to provide our consumer with the most accurate description of our product. We believe that each consumer should be given facts of products purchased to make the best choice for their family. We think is crazy that you are given more information about the type and grade of fuel you put into your car than the beef you feed your family.