WHAT A PROJECT!!! Thankfully it’s in the rear view mirror. 400+ trees harvested leaving 400+ tree tops to clean up, 400+ stumps to be ground and debris from already fallen trees pushing up into over 40 slash piles. We piled the fire wood we will need for the next few years and invited neighbors to load up what they wanted. Hedge trees were cut and set aside for fence posts.

Our loggers did an excellent job falling huge trees missing (mostly) the trees we chose to save. One word for them is Talented! They left many mature trees at my request, I’m sure they were seeing $$$ left standing. The goal was to harvest the trees at or near the end of their life giving the younger ones the opportunity to grow and flourish with enough spacing to allow sun to reach the forest floor and grow shade grasses for the cows. They will be able to graze the hot summer days in the shade of the wooded side.

We had the grass and other seed mixed to accomplish the specific areas, some water way, some cool season, and of coarse a wild life blend to feed the big bucks and turkey. Please don’t think we knew what we were doing, there were a lot of questions asked, I’m sure silly ones too, but with lots of research and advise from others we will have a late summer pasture.