You have seen the pictures of the A2-A2 bull and cow arriving at A Rusty Knoll and sensed some excitement but most people have no clue of what I’m talking about. Here’s my attempt to explain to help you understand our excitement.

Our heart is to help people with health issues and provide resources for them to go to when food is the culprit. In Sherri’s case many foods she consumes have become like an allergic reaction that never goes away for her. A food allergy test done by a blood draw was done last month and even though she was eating “healthy” she was consuming foods that keep her symptoms going. One food she was to eliminate two years ago was dairy. After months of no dairy she was frustrated because there was no improvement in her skin and went back on an A2-A2 milk. That was about a year ago. When her blood testing came back this month she is NOT allergic to dairy, how is that possible???
So why can she still do small amounts of dairy? We think it is because of the A2-A2 protein produced by the cow in their milk. A majority of American diaries have Holstein cows as their milkers. These cows can produce almost 3 times the amount of milk as a heritage breed such as our American Milking Devon’s. Because of gene altering to increase milk production in the Holsteins they now produce an A1-A1 or A1-A2 milk. This protein is what can cause lactose intolerance. This is a protein we are not use to consuming.

According to the National Digestive Disease Information Clearing House in America 75% of the African American and American Indian population and 90% of the Asian American population is lactose intolerant. There is an estimated 30 to 50 million Americans. The number of children becoming lactose intolerant increase daily also. This is not a small problem.

The A1 or the A1-A2 mix of the protein is a cause of inflammation. Inflammation in your bowel and thru out your body. Any disease that ends in “itis” is a problem with inflammation. For some by changing the type of milk consumed (A2-A2) we can combat inflammation in our bodies. For so many Americans a glass of milk, hot coco, cheese or ICE CREAM can be a gift!