It finally happened. July of 2018 we did AI (artificial insemination) on the four ladies we had. At that time we did not have a bull. We brought in semen from a non line breed bull from Pa from MJ’s herd.

April 20th A Rusty Knoll went on baby watch. Three times a day one of us did a baby check with Ester. One day overdue…two days overdue… three days overdue… by the filth day We called the vet. This was the first time we knew of the conception time frame and knew the time was near. The vet said as long as the mom is not showing signs of stress or discomfort let her go. If after two weeks over due they would come assess the situation.

Nine days late Ester brought forth our new member of A Rusty Knoll. We so wanted a bull calf from this breeding because of the diverse blood lines it would bring to our farm and another bull to assist Rebel. Wayne arrived in the pasture soon after the calf was born. Ester cleaned him up and went back to grazing. The calf laid in the pasture not moving. One of the older cows came up and put her horns under the calf and started nudging him. Wayne was thinking is she hurting it or do I just let them be. He chose to let it play out. The experienced mom was making the calf get up. The calf got to his feet and Ester came over and nursed him. The other cow walked away and let them bond.

It took us a couple of days to confirm the calf is a boy!!! His name is Robert E. after my dad we lost two years ago. Hope your smiling down daddy.