It’s about them, and we are trying to help.Each day we learn something new. With an estimated 2500 American Milking Devon’s registered we realize what an up hill battle this is. There are a number of people in the association who have been at this for decades. I don’t think any of them have gotten rich breeding theses wonderful animals. In fact everyone seems to have a 2nd job. Because of the work done in the past newbies like us have a little variety to choose from.

Diversity is a critical point at A Rusty Knoll. We believe it’s critical to the future of the breed. We have spent hours researching and talking to the people who choose to line breed. They have their reasons and many with a long line of success. I am not trying to change their minds just be able to use the facts given to make my on conclusions.

We were able to acquire a diverse herd from short plump beef-ers to long lanky oxen type. Their backgrounds are from 3 major farms- Crystal Creek, Mount Vernon Ladies Association (MVLA) and Flint Hill Farms ( Thanks Ruth) On Saturday we will be adding “Taylor’s Rebel” to our herd. This is a Devon Point & Flack Farm’s adding the east coast swagger and A2-A2 genetics to our herd. (That is exciting to a cow guy!!!)

April 20th we are expecting a calf (hoping for a bull calf) from one of the MVLA ladies. She was AI-ed to a non line breed bull from Pennsylvania, Indian Tears. (Thanks MJ) With the bulls and number of young cows we have our goal is to produce the finest non gene altered grass fed and finished beef for many years to come and advance the diversity of these wonderful animals.

Our customers and our cows deserve the best!!! Wayne