Here is an article from 2013 on omega’s as I continue down another rabbit hole on health. Omega 6’s contribute to inflammation that is associated with diseases that end in – “itis” = inflammation. Its the imbalance of omega 6’s and omega 3’s. In our modern day, easy processed, quick diet the omega 6’s over run the omega 3’s at times 20 to 1. This equals disease.

I am a coffee drinker, I generally drink it black but once in a while like a little whole mike. I am always watching others create their perfect cup of coffee. Some dump sugar or another sweetener, some sugar and cream, some just cream. Some hold the sugar container upside down and count to 10… By adding all this stuff is it still coffee? Coffee is not “bad” in moderation its the stuff we add to it.

We have changed coffee, now lets look at the beef we consume. A cow eats grass. Most are sold off as feeders to feed lots where they are feed GMO corn, 30 lbs. a day, or brewers yeast to get the animal to slaughter weight. This additive of corn changes the omega’s from good omega 3’s to the overrunning omega 6’s that cause and lead to numerous diseases. You have changed the texture, quality and natural value of beef to a train wreck waiting to happen.

If your beef is truly grass feed, grass finished you can taste and smell the difference. Please check out this article.