Remembering my first visit to a Whole Foods WOW! What an awesome idea. Walk isle to isle finding stuff I wanted to buy and use because it was so much better for me. A status symbol to shop there and have quality organic food at your finger tips.

Last week we were in search of the saw mill that has bought our logs and it took us by the facilities where organic eggs are being produced. (There are turkey farms also) I could NOT see the “pastures” full of wonderful healthy birds free roaming on grass. There was a fenced area off of the large buildings with some grass available but not pastures of grass. I saw lots of long white buildings along the road very little pasture. I would issue a buyer beware of pasture raised eggs/ chickens or anything else.

When you know the actual cost and labor involved to produce the “real deal” and understand the resources needed you can see thru the pasture raised/ cage free line. It takes us 3 years and at least 2 acres of grass per year to produce 1 beef at A Rusty knoll. The yield of 500 to 600 pounds of product per animal. Add to that the quest to provide the animals with natural minerals that do not have animal by products- last check cows were herbivorous not carnivores- or GMO’s, the cost is double in comparison to the massively used mineral tubs.

The question is, have the corporate stores been able to capitalize on the peoples desire to eat well and take care of them selves, I say YES! They have taken the natural food vocabulary and made it their own. In pretty labels and pretty packaging. A pretty label should be the first clue to buyer beware.

My conclusion is we are lucky most don’t know or care because if we all knew or cared there would not be enough to begin feeding the wise. The more we know the source of our food the healthier we can be.