First part of December we had the vet out to do preg checks so we knew who and possibly when. Because most of the animals came from another farm and were with the bull we needed some help figuring this out. In July we did AI (artificial insemination) on four of the girls that were with us. Only one if the AI’s took, thank you Easter for that she is due April 20th. When Dunbar arrived at A Rusty Knoll he got right to work and breed Calypso, she is due July 9th. The other ladies that had been with Dunbar and were pregnant were Crystal, Electra and Eloise. Thankfully the younger girls were not breed and they are away from Dunbar growing up now. Vet estimated February first’ish  we should have a calf. I was out giving mineral last Thursday struggling with my day, I recently lost my mom and some days are harder than others. I saw something move in the tall weeds, tiny, the cow standing there was acting different. The Lord knew I needed some encouragement,  we had our first calf at A Rusty Knoll! Eloise being a first time heifer was doing good, the calf was dry and nursing. Meet OLLY.